Digital product designer with a focus on human needs. I specialize in functional UX, sophisticated UI, and design systems. Work based on analysis, logic, and testing.

What I do?

Product vision & UX Design

I do complete UX of digital products. My designs revolve mainly around the user or the customer. There are many methods in my process, but the main ones are: Research and assignment; User stories; User flow; Prototyping; Testing.

Usable Design System

I design design systems as lego cubes and modular rules for how to put them together. I design components from an atomic design perspective; styles; assets; accessibility; and patterns how to put individual elements together.

I will focus on the beneficial usecase. Save time by drawing hi-fi prophotypes, syncing with the frontend for cleaner code.

Beautiful User Interface

Art of visual design of digital products. What else to add? Let's make it aptly beautiful.

Hire me

The best will be a cup of coffee in the center of Prague, or right at your company, what do you say?

Direct supplier

I will be your direct contractor for the assigned work. I will go with you step by step from the joint assignment through my elaboration, presentation and final output.


Hire me to a team, studio, agency, or for an extensive start-up. I will be happy to adapt to you. We will agree on the rules and go to work.

Billing info

IČO: 05515297
DIČ: Nejsem plátce DPH
Číslo účtu: 1214928028/3030 (AIR)
Fyz. os. zapsaná v živ. rejstříku
Nezapsán v obchodním rejstříku
Kubelíkova 573, 251 01 Říčany

Visit me in my studio

Na Fialce 2597/8
Říčany, 251 01

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