Elevating user experiences aligned with business and fully leveraging technologies

I leverage my empirical experience, deep understanding of business, logical reasoning, and thorough validation to create solutions that seamlessly integrate with development, resulting in engaging and user-friendly interfaces. I thrive in collaborative environments, working alongside talented and passionate individuals to constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the digital realm.

Latest works ↓

Lending lab

Application for optimizing processes for BHPH automobile dealerships. Car buying process reduced from several hours to few minutes.


B2B2C startup offering a new vehicle protection extension generation. Product designed for car dealers and car insurance that offers end customers several types of vehicle protection. Among these types is Cuvrd point, which features the most interesting terms and conditions and is not difficult to understand.


A complete solution for the digitalisation of gastronomy. End-to-end, multi-brand, white-label ecosystem that enables large organizations to operate multiple kitchens from a single location.

Mr. Beast Burger

Through Crave and the acquisition by VDC, I got to design a mobile app for fast food from Mr. Beast.


One-click recruitment tool. It allows candidates to interview with a human being over the phone within seconds of applying for a job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


BTB tool for easy and effortless event organisation. It makes it easy to connect digital audiences with physical events and increase the reach of the event. With this solution, you can also host a virtual event that surprises and actively engages attendees.


A Dublin-based startup providing a cloud-based end-to-end digital banking solution.

+7 years of experience.
Worked on 24 different products,
8 are startups
1 Automotive
2 Fintech
1 human recources
2 Gastronomy
Conducted more 50 usability tests.

+7 years of experience.
Worked on 24 different products,
8 are startups
1 Automotive
2 Fintech
1 human recources
4 Gastronomy
Conducted more 50 usability tests.

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