Tom — digital product designer with a focus on delivering exceptional experiences

I specialize in delivering exciting user experiences that work and comprehensive design systems focusing on reusability. I bet my work on empirical experience, a good understanding of business, technology, logic, and validation. I create solutions that are front-end friendly and engaging. I love to be surrounded by talented and passionate people to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm.

What I do?

Product vision & UX Design

I do complete UX of digital products. My designs revolve mainly around the user or the customer. There are many methods in my process, but the main ones are: Research and assignment; User stories; User flow; Prototyping; Testing.

Usable Design System

I design design systems as lego cubes and modular rules for how to put them together. I design components from an atomic design perspective; styles; assets; accessibility; and patterns how to put individual elements together.I will focus on the beneficial usecase. Save time by drawing hi-fi prophotypes, syncing with the frontend for cleaner code.

Beautiful User Interface

Art of visual design of digital products. What else to add? Let's make it aptly beautiful.

Latest projects

I have been a freelance for several years. Over the years, I have alternated between various collaborations and my own projects. For the last year, I have been working for Oaks Lab where I am participating in team synergy. Check my

Hire me

The best will be a cup of coffee in the center of Prague, or right at your company, what do you say?

Direct supplier

I will be your direct contractor for the assigned work. I will go with you step by step from the joint assignment through my elaboration, presentation and final output.


Hire me to a team, studio, agency, or for an extensive start-up. I will be happy to adapt to you. We will agree on the rules and go to work.

Billing info

IČO: 05515297
DIČ: Nejsem plátce DPH
Číslo účtu: 1214928028/3030 (AIR)
Fyz. os. zapsaná v živ. rejstříku
Nezapsán v obchodním rejstříku
Kubelíkova 573, 251 01 Říčany

Visit me in my studio

Na Fialce 2597/8
Říčany, 251 01